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Barre Community Relief Fund  

Flood Relief Program

Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions


The Barre Community Relief Fund (BCRF) Flood Relief Program seeks to provide financial support to individual households and businesses in Barre City and Barre Town impacted by the July 2023 flooding event. Below are details and answers to frequently asked questions regarding this new opportunity.


Deadline: There is no deadline – individual households and businesses may apply at any time.

Decisions: Will be made as soon as possible within 30 days and applications will be evaluated in the order in which they are received.

Total amount available: At this time, the Barre Community Relief Fund is in the process of raising funds to fund the flood relief program, and the number of awards issued will depend on the total amount of funds raised. BCRF hopes to raise $1,000,000 for flood relief efforts, with a split of 70%/30% for businesses and individuals, respectively. There is some funding available now.

Grant size: Businesses may apply for funding up to $5,000, and individual households may apply for up to $1,500 per award. Applicants may submit multiple, subsequent applications upon receiving notification of a prior award decision, with a limit of three submitted applications for businesses, and no limit for individual households. 

Is there a match requirement (cash or in-kind)? No, though BCRF strongly urges applicants to apply for additional forms of financial assistance and support that are available to Barre residents and businesses, including but not limited to FEMA Individual and Public Assistance, SBA loans, the state’s Business Emergency Gap Assistance Program, and more. Please call 211 for more information about these and other opportunities.

Who is eligible? Residents and businesses of Barre City and Barre Town impacted by the July 2023 floods are eligible to apply for flood relief funding. 

Are nonprofits eligible to apply? Yes, impacted nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply as a business. 

Are landlords eligible to apply? Yes, landlords are eligible to apply as a business, or as an individual household (if a resident of an impacted Barre property).

What we fund: There are no restrictions on the use of funding, though applicants will be asked to share details of their household or business’s financial situation, other forms of assistance solicited and received, and recovery plan when completing an application.

Can funds be used as part of a larger expense or purchase? Yes, though please explain how awarded funds will be used as part of a larger expense or purchase in the application narrative. 

How will my application be evaluated? Applications for funding will be evaluated by a team of volunteers who reside in or have connection to the greater Barre community. Many of these persons were impacted by the July 2023 flooding event. Applications will be scored according to a rubric found on the Barre Community Relief Fund’s website. Businesses and individual applications will have slightly different evaluation criteria.

Are there any reporting requirements? There are no formal reporting requirements or any associated reporting form, though the Barre Community Relief Fund encourages the submission of a brief update (it can be as short as a few sentences) detailing how the funds were used, what challenges you’ve encountered, or any other pertinent details. Please email updates to When providing an update, the submission of photos and stories detailing how the grant has benefited your household or business is encouraged.

How to submit your application: Complete the application either online at or download and complete an application form and email it to or mail a completed application to the address below:


Barre Community Relief Fund 

PO Box 265

Barre, VT 05641


Businesses and individual households will have slightly different application forms/questions. Please utilize the same contact information/person for each submitted application. Multiple individuals submitting applications on behalf of the same individual household or residence will be considered and evaluated as a single applicant. 

If you have questions about the Barre Community Relief Fund’s Flood Relief Program, please email us at:

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