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About Us

Our endeavor is to raise as much money as possible to benefit countless small businesses, homeowners, and individuals across the Barre area. Given the scale of the current devastation, we anticipate a great need, and we are fully committed to aiding those in distress.

Barre Area Development, Inc. is the sponsor of the Barre Community Relief Fund, Inc. providing support to the administration and operation of the Fund.


The Barre Community Relief Fund will ensure that 100% of the tax-deductible funds raised will be directly allocated to those most in need.

Board of Directors


Dave Rubel

20230808-sonya pic.jpg

Sonya Spaulding


Thom Lauzon


Jonathan Williams

Application Committee

Gina Akley

Michelle Lathrop

Jaime Babin

Romni Palmer

Peter Colman

Tess Taylor

Samn Stockwell 

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